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Getting Your Foot In The Door

So you have identified a hot prospect that you would love to have as a client. Perhaps you have done a bit of research and know that your product or service would be a great fit for this client. You may even know that you can provide better quality, service and pricing than who they are using. There is just one big obstacle. You can not seem to get past the gate keeper! Your phone messages to the decision maker are not returned.

First Get Your Proposal And Company Information Together

We have the answer and it works like a charm! Send a gift basket directly to your prospective client, with your proposal tucked inside! First of all, carefully construct your proposal to the prospective client, along with a nice cover letter (ask that they please look over your proposal and company information while enjoying the goodies) attach a business card to the cover letter, and decide if you want to include a brochure or a sheet of testimonials. 

Then Do Just A Bit Of Research (Or We’ll Do It For You)

For a really great impression, contact the prospective client’s assistant first. Let them know that you are sending a gift and would appreciate knowing if there are any concerns (For instance, is the prospective client a diabetic or allergic to anything) and also if you could get any tips on what type items would be a big hit. Usually they will share information such as: “She absolutely is crazy about chocolate”,  or “He is a real health nut and loves fruit and healthy gourmet items.”  or “would love a basket of fresh baked cookies.” You might also ask if there are any hobbies such as golf, baseball, etc.  

Now Lets Turn That Prospect Into A New Client! 

 Have the brochure and proposal tucked inside of an elegant, custom designed gift basket. Address the gift directly to the prospective client. I suggest that the cover letter be scrolled, and tied with a ribbon to the bow on the outside of the basket.  A proposal tucked inside  of  an elegant gift basket that is custom designed to match the taste and personality of your prospective client, is definately going to get in the door, to the targeted person, and read. Now just follow up with a phone call and experience quite a different result than before!

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