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St. Patrick's Day Gourmet
St. Patrick’s Day Gourmet

Our first tip invoves our Themed Business Appreciation Campaigns targeting your top clients. It is best done monthly or at least every couple months. The gifts are designed within your budget. We work together on the themes, the delivery dates and the clever messages for each. Since Wednesday, March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day, we’ll use that as an example for a theme.

St. Paddy’s Day is a perfect excuse to show appreciation to those hard earned clients. Tell them you feel “Lucky To Know Them”. A surprise gift basket  with a unique theme, delicious selection, and a clever thank you message is a very low cost investment that can reap huge rewards in repeat business and referrals.

At The Best To You, we are full of ideas and our goal is your increased business! If you want to make a big splash with the client, send a basket for the client’s entire team to share. For St. Patrick’s Day, a large gift basket or tray of fresh baked cookies with Irish coffee and a St Patrick’s Day Bow would be great. We could also use Irish coffee mugs, or a cute and whimsical gift box decorated with Leprechauns. You could have the message say: “You are all so SWEET and we feel LUCKY to know you!  

Why include the client’s staff from time to time? I will tell you a little secret… If you only have a relationship with your client, and the client leaves the company,  Whoever replaces your client may choose one of your competitors for future business instead you.  But if you are popular with the entire team, they will be raving about you when that new person takes charge. Most likely he or she will not want to change a strong and successful relationship that has been in place with the company. Unique, fun and delicious themed gift baskets on St Patrick’s Day or any occasion, can increase business, stimulate refferals, and create client loyalty for a lot less than advertising for new clients. We will be sharing other successful and low cost marketing ideas to increase business! Stay tuned.
 Be sure to read our previous St. Patrick’s Day Blog if you missed it. There are fun events listed and a funny Irish ditty on video.
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