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As I say goodbye (many might say good riddance!) to 2009, I was thinking what a year it has been. It has been challenging, difficult,  and definitely different than what we were used to in previous years. Many  lost their homes or their jobs.  Others hung in there but dealt with serious challenges. Most of us were affected in some way or had friends and loved ones who were affected by the economy. There were many times during 2009, that I did not like the year I was in. I may have spoken badly about it, and agreed with hundreds of others who spoke badly about it. I didn’t see what I can see now.  It is as I victoriously  greet a bright new 2010, that I reflect back to thank a stern but great teacher named 2009.

Clinton Swaine, of Frontier Trainings, said “As a trainer, I am always amazed how much courage people have in the face of adversity, how much further we can go than we believe, how our compassion reaches so deep, and how the sweet taste of success can be a non-stop way of living, and everything is always by own choice.”

2009 taught me that I could work smarter, be more strategic, do things differently, make hard choices, work longer hours, get more connected. I learned to give up television (and all the negative news) and gain more hours in my day for writing, planning, reading, walking, meditating and listening to beautiful music. I grew brain cells from all the brainstorming. Teacher 2009 forced me to learn about and get more active in my social networks, and make lots of new friends. I think most importantly I learned to live in the present moment. When my husband Barry survived a heart attack and 6 hour triple bypass, it put everything in perspective. We are in grattitude for all the little things we used to take for granted. We focus on the things we have. We are grateful to be healthy! 

So thank you 2009 for making me a stronger person! Thank you for all the powerful lessons and new skills, thank you for the wisdom, the inspiration to make a difference,  thank you for the new brain cells, thank you for teaching me to  focus on each blissful present moment rather than stress or future fears, thank you for teaching me perserverance and determination.  Thank you for the courage I learned to muster. And especially, thank you for the victorious graduation to  2010, I hope a slightly gentler teacher.