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Years ago I found out that a good client, a builder who had been ordering housewarming gifts from us regularly, was using someone else for baby, birthday and get well baskets.  We had let them know we specialize in Housewarming and Closing gift baskets’ and had done a wonderful presentation showing only those. We just forgot to let them know of all our other products and services! That was a learning experience! I had just focused on their immediate needs and assumed they new we did much more. They were surprised and delighted to know they could get those other types of products from us as well.

The new client is not aware of all the products and services you have. They may think what you offer is limited to the product or service they just bought. For instance, If they hadn’t educated me, I would not have known my camera store, Nelson Photo, also gives photography classes, or that Sign Diego, who did my office sign, also can do the signage for our vans. 

Early in the relationship with each new client, send over a nice box of chocolate truffles or perhaps a cookie basket. Tuck your brochure or a list of your products and services inside the gift. Include a warm note such as this: “We just wanted to make sure you were aware of all our other products and services.  We look forward to working with you again soon.