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I love Halloween! parties and festivities, decorations, fun, creative pumpkin carving, people watching.

The costume selections at the Halloween stores are endless, but an elaborate costume can end up costing a fortune.

 Lately  I have noticed more and more really clever costumes that can be made quickly, easily, and for just a few dollars.  Sometimes it is the simplest ideas that deliver the most humor and fun! So if you are invited to a Halloween party that you haven’t had time to prepare for, here are a few iclever ideas we got online.

Be the Alfred Hitchcock Movie, The Birds! Cut birds from black posters. Attach to hands with rubber bands, to hair with bobby pins, and clothes with safety pins. Wear a scary look on your face! 

With just some white posters, scissors and markers, you can become a You Tube Video page. Make your own comments, etc. Just cut out a square  and hold it over your face. Unique and easy!

Made with white posters with square cut out.
You Tube Video Page


Identity Theif

This is so simple and so funny!  To become an identity theif, Just go to Office Depot and get a package of paper name tags. Write down all your friend’s names or put the names of celebrities and stick them all over your clothes. Some play money pouring out of your pockets could add to the humor!

You could wear a hat that says Identity Theif or just let them guess what you are.

I saw a couple come to a party as the King and Queen of Hearts. They just used white poster boards hung over their shoulders (one in front and one in back) decorated like the King and Queen of Hearts !

 They each had a crown on their head. They dressed in red under the cards. It was clever and striking!

Bingo Card

Here is another idea just using white poster board and colored markers to become a bingo card.

What clever, easy and inexpensive costumes have you seen or made yourself? Please share!

Let us know if you need any last minute Ghoulish Gore-Met baskets! We will custom design it for you and deliver on Halloween.

Happy Halloween from Linda, Barry and The Best To You Team!