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Top San Diego Executives Join The Best To You Tasting Board

Each day we have been visiting top San Diego Executives and CEO’s who are members of our “Tasting Board”. We thought it would be interesting to have them sample and comment on some of the products that are competing for the Gold Sofi Award. The products we have chosen are silver medal finalists, who were chosen from thousands of other products, to be the best of the best. For more information on The Sofi Awards read my previous post on the awards.

Tates Dark Chocolate Cookie -Silver Finalist For Best Cookie

Dark Chocolate Whole Wheat Cookies - Silver Medal Finalist

Tate’s Bake Shop is no stranger to big awards! There have been more awards than I can list in this post! Founder, Kathleen King started selling cookies in 1971, when she was 11 years old! She launched Tates  in 2000. Her cookies were rated number one out of fifty tasted by Rachel Ray magazine.  The dark chocolate cookie is loaded with bittersweet chocolate chips and the whole wheat flour in the recipe creates a wonderfully light and less sinful cookie. Visit Tates Bakeshop online to see their other products.

David Oates  Samples Tates Cookies

David Oates of Stalwart Communications samples the Tates Dark Chocolate Cookie.

David Oates is  founder and President of Stalwart Communications. But more importantly, he is a dark chocolate lover! He eagerly took the dark chocolate cookie I offered and took a bite. His first response was that he thought it would be hard and brittle, but it had a wonderful texture and was not overly heavy. He said, and this is a common comment when Tate’s cookies are sampled, that he never would have believed these came out of a bag, had he not seen it! He then commented that it was a great dark chocolate taste without being over powering, and that he is a big fan of dark chocolate, but felt that even people who are not dark chocolate fans would love this cookie.

Stalwart Communications is a San Diego based Pay-On-Performance PR Agency. David Oates, founder and President of the popular firm, was a Finalist for Influence San Diego’s Agency Of The Year Award. Follow him on Twitter at His firm is shaking things up in the PR Industry by ensuring that they profit from their clients ONLY when they generate results! For more information on Stalwart Communications visit them online.