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Sofi Silver Finalist - Peach Pecan Amaretto Preserves

 Top San Diego CEO’s Taste & Comment On Sofi Silver Finalists    

Each day we have been visiting top San Diego Executives and CEO’s who are members of our “Tasting Board”. We thought it would be interesting to have them sample and comment on some of the products that are competing for the Gold Sofi Award. The products we have chosen are silver medal finalists, who were chosen from thousands of other products, to be the best of the best. For more information on The Sofi Awards read my previous post on the awards.            

 The San Saba River Pecan Company        

The San Saba River Pecan Company is actually a Silver Medal Finalist in two different categories! That is very impressive! For this post we are going to talk about their delicious (oh my gosh, it is so yummy) peach, pecan, amaretto preserves.  First of all it is visually beautiful. There are chunks of peaches mixed with pecans and amaretto and it looks lovely and tempting. The peaches used are only top quality and the pecans come right from the companies own orchard.  They boast over 10,000 pecan trees in a park like setting bounded by the San Saba River in the hill country of central Texas. They have already won numerous top awards for this product and are going for the Sofi Gold Award for 2010. The winners will be announced on June 28th, at the red carpet ceremony in New York.         

 We Are Proud To Have Clinton Swaine On Our  Tasting Board             

 As my husband, Barry, and I entered the training room,  we were delighted to see that it was break time, and we would have Clinton Swaine all to ourselves till the seminar resumed. Clinton is the genious CEO of Frontier Trainings, the number one company in the world teaching business through  experiential games.        

Clinton is licking his fingers to get the last luscious drop of the Peach, Pecan, Amaretto Preserves. He said that he doesn’t usually like peaches.  He spent a week picking peaches on a friend’s farm when he was younger and grew very tired of them. However, upon the first taste of these preserves, he commented on the delicious flavor. He also noticed the freshness of the pecans and the subtle taste of the amaretto. He said it was a very good combination.  For more information visit  San Saba River Pecan Company  .  

If you want to learn more about Clinton Swaine, his amazing cast of characters, and experience his brilliant and life changing trainings, schedule yourself for one of his free introductory seminars coming to San Diego.  Visit his Play To Win website for more information.    

Tomorrow we will post about another Sofi Silver Finalist and another San Diego executive taster! Let us know which products you think will win the Sofi Gold!