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The “You’re So Hot You Need A Cooler!” has many features that make it a very special gift! It is a cooler that can hold up to 28 cans, or a few cans and a big picnic, has a removable waterproof liner, with the padded cover on top, it doubles as a comfortable seat that holds up to 300 pounds, and it collapses flat for easy storage.

This is a gift that has that rare combination of “over the top”  functionality, impressive presentation, and fun and humorous theme. It is perfect for Valentine’s Day or an Anniversary. Actually it could be used for many occasions and the banner can be personalized with a message of your choice.

If your gift recipient enjoys boating, outdoor concerts, sporting events, a day at the beach, road trips, camping or a picnic in the park, this is a great gift for he or she!

The cooler is brimming with delicious chocolates, assorted cookies, nuts, salsa, chips, coca cola, cheese, crackers and more. It includes a banner on the front that says “You’re So Hot You Need A Cooler!” It is available in red, blue, black or lime green.

Give us a call to arrange a big Valentine’s Day surprise that is sure to be a big hit and enjoyed for years to come.