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Valentine's Day Latte Mugs Are A Hit!

Festive little gifts that are appropriate for parents, grandparents, friends, kids,  or co-workers are very popular for every holiday! Valentine’s Day is no exception. Sometimes you want to give a Token Of Affection just to say “I’m thinking of you!” or  “I appreciate you!”  An over sized latte mug filled with delicious chocolates, cookies and coffee, tea or cocoa is very popular. Oversized mugs also double as a soup bowl. These small tokens of affection  deliver an unexpected surprise and big smiles. They won’t forget how you made them feel! 

Another popular Valentine’s Day idea is using the theme for business gifts. A gift basket filled with cookies and chocolates or gourmet snacks, and decorated for Valentine’s Day, can also be a great way to show appreciation to a good client and  their team. The message can say “We Love Your Business!” or “A Heartfelt Thanks!”     

Valentine’s Day is just days away. Give us a call and we will design a gift within your budget to match any personality!