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 It is that wonderful time of the year that I love! Cool, crisp weather and warm, toasty fireplaces. Leaves changing from green to colors of burgundy and gold. The beginning of the Holidays with all the parties, festivities and delicious Holiday treats. Hot apple cider and Holiday hugs. Get togethers with friends and family. Visits from special clients. Gingerbread lattes.  Being healthy and feeling great. These are just a few of the many things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving! 


I also love the Holiday decorations, music and wonderful aromas. All the little details that make the season special. Are you hosting a Thanksgiving dinner or helping someone who is? When you purchase Holiday decorations and designer candles to decorate your home, it can be expensive. There are creative ways to add flare, fragrance and Holiday atmosphere very inexpensively.

Take some wine goblets (different sizes and heights add to the charm) and turn them upside down on the table. Put mini pumpkins (found in most grocery stores), or pine cones underneath the glass. Put  cinnamon, apple gingerbread or pumkin scented candles on the top (underside of the glass).  You can also add a little twist of pine or lightly glue a few fall leaves to the stem if you like.

For cinnamon candles you can purchase cinnamon sticks and glue them around votive candles and then tie a little ribbon around the middle and tie a little bow. A pumkin that is hollowed out from the top makes a creative flower vase.   Colorful ears of corn, gourds, and squash can be placed around a medium sized pumpkin for a festive Thanksgiving centerpiece.

If you are going to someone’s home for dinner or a Holiday party, don’t forget to bring a little host or hostess gift with you. If you have been invited to a party and can not attend, it is a nice gesture, especially if it is a person who is a good friend or client,  to send a little gift saying you wish you could have been there.

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