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Pamper Baskets
Pamper Baskets

Mother’s Day is May 9th.

Whether you need a gift for mom, someone who has been just like a mom, a grandma, a mom to be, or a new mom, We will be bringing you lots of different suggestions!

One popular gift for Mother’s Day is a beautiful, luxurious assortment of pampering bath products. Doesn’t she deserve some treasured time to relax and pamper herself? We include an assortment of high end products such as bubble bath, bath gel, hand cream, body lotion, and a beautiful candle.

The gift can be personalized to match mom’s personality. If she also loves chocolate, we can add some chocolate truffles and delicious cookies. If she is diabetic, we can add some sugar free items. Soothing tea and a pretty mug make a nice addition to the Pamper Basket.

For a deluxe pamper basket, a soft, plush robe can be added to the basket. Color choices for the robe include: burgundy, ivory, chocolate, burgundy or blue.

Bath accessories, such as a bath pillow, bath brush, eye mask or bath sponge  can also be included.

We just got some gorgeous and feminine gift boxes in that make an elegant presentation for the pamper themed baskets. They are beautiful floral designs and include matching lids. These designer boxes can be enjoyed as a home accent or as a pretty container for any number of items.

If the mom or grandma is out of town, give us a call right away. We will arrange for  the perfect gift to be shipped and arrive in time for Mother’s Day. Feel free to call us if you have any questions or would like further information. If you are lucky enough to have mom here in San Diego, call to arrange hand delivery of a custom gift that will surprise and delight her!