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A Ceramic Bowl Cookies, Tea And Chocolates

Pretty mug filled with coffee and chocolates for mom

Tokens Of Affection

You may want to get a small gift for a friend, someone who has been “like a mom” to you, a mom to be, or a brand new mom. Maybe you are taking your mom for dinner or an outing, and just want an extra token of affection to present her with.  

A pretty mug, that she will use and enjoy daily is a popular choice. It can be filled with coffee, tea or cocoa, fine chocolates, biscotti, and cookies.Another choice is a pastel ceramic bowl that can be used for soup, salad, ice cream or cereal daily, filled with  some unique and yummy treats. One of my favorites is carrot cake cookies that are dipped in white chocolate! They taste like mini carrot cakes. YUM! Then we add some rasberry or lemon ice tea and some chocolate. 

Both gifts are under $25.00! There are lots more to choose from! Have you arranged a Mother’s Day surprise for your mom yet?