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Mom, You Made Our House A Home! Birdhouse Gift Basket


Mom, You Made Our House A Home!  

First think back! What were all the little things mom did that were so special? What were the traditions she created? For instance: Saturday morning pancakes, the smell of fresh baked cookies after school, Special family dinners, movie night, home made Halloween costumes, fresh flower centerpieces from her garden, bedtime stories, her singing while she cooked, helping her with Holiday baking and decorating the tree, her wisest sayings and advice, etc.  

Next write all those special memories down and enter it in the computer on a page titled “Mom, You Made Our House A Home!” You can frame it and send it to her, e-mail it to her, or e-mail it to us if you would like us to scroll it and include it in with the adorable birdhouse basket pictured. This is a gift she will absolutely cherish! A free ribbon banner is included.  

Our “Mom, You Made Our House A Home” basket  features an adorable, hand painted,  bird house made of wood, wire, twiggs and cocoa bark. It has flower boxes on the windows, a welcome sign above the door, a chimney, and a bird perched on the roof. There is plenty of room for multiple birds to land on the front porch, feed and socialize.  It can be placed on an outdoor stand or hung outside.  

Mom will also enjoy all the delicious goodies surrounding the birdhouse! Includes French Rasberry Truffles, Wolfgang Puck Coffee, multi award winning chocolate peanut butter confections, a tropical energy bar, cheese, crackers, caramel nut corn, delicious rolled pastry cookies with chocolate filling and more. Everything is arranged in an elegant tray basket with wood handles on each side.  

Give us a call if you would like to schedule a special gift for your mom by this Sunday (May 13th, 2012).