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Graduation time is upon us and we are already getting requests for custom designed graduation gifts.

It is great to match the gift to the personality and goals of the graduate. Will he or she be traveling for awhile after graduating? Continuing further studies? Beginning a new career?

A beautiful  picture frame to commemorate the event is always a good idea! The container should be both elegant and functional. One idea is a leatherette magazine basket that has multiple uses (can hold books, magazines, file folders) and makes a striking presentation when filled with unique gifts and goodies.  A special book is also a great addition to the gift basket! We have a nice coffee table book called “The Best Of Success” that is perfect for this occasion.

If they are starting a job or career, our designer box clock is very unique for the desk. It looks like an elegant leather box until you open the lid and the clock pops up.

If  it is a young graduate who is continuing their education, a festive gift basket or stacking boxes filled with chocolates, cookies and assorted surprises makes for an impromptu celebration that the graduate can share with family or friends. They might also enjoy the Vision Board Kit, which comes with instructions, paper, a CD, and Vision Board booklet, so that they can create a poster of all their dreams and goals to look at and visualize daily.

Don’t forget the mini graduates (from elementary school to Jr High School, etc. ) A small Celebration basket can create a lasting memory.