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I remember how thrilled my husband Barry would be when our daughter presented him with a festive hand made card on Father’s Day. He would exclaim “This is great! Did you make this yourself?” and she would beam with pride at the work of art that she had created to  give him on his special day.  It was always artistic, creative, unique and custom designed just with him in mind. One card had a colorful picture of a crab on the front (his favorite food). Another had a picture of a ship porthole cut out from a magazine with a picture of Barry in the middle. He was excited about an upcoming cruise we were taking.

The message can match the theme of the card, be humorous, or heartfelt. Kids like to make up poems for their Dads too.

Father’s Day is June 20th, 2010. Now is the time to start collecting  the items needed and begin planning Dad’s Keepsake card! The kids will want to start thinking about enhancements (some ideas listed below), looking through magazines or on the computer, and cutting out words and pictures.

It is easy to create these warm family memories by helping the kids make personalized cards for their dads. Although they can make a card just with a piece of plain paper and some crayons or colored markers, just a few extra art supplies (many may already be found at home) can make it a bit more of an event. Here are some suggestions:

  • Scissors
  • Glue or glue stick
  • Colored paper to fold in half like a greeting card
  • Colored markers
  • A ruler to write the heart felt message nicely inside
  • Assorted magazines to cut out colorful pictures & headlines for the front of the card
  • Enhancements to decorate the edge of the card

Why not make the kids a little card kit? Get a nice little gift box and keep these items inside for future card making!

To start, first discuss what  they would like the theme to be. Does dad have a hobby like golf or gardening? Does he love to watch TV? Has he been eyeing a certain car that is on his wish list? Does he love to barbeque or cook? Make the card fun and custom designed to match his personality, interests or hobbies.

Once a theme is decided, the child can begin cutting out pictures from magazines. Some headlines may match the theme perfectly as well and even add a touch of humor. The pictures can be glued to the front and inside left panel of the card. The right panel is for the message. On the front of the card above the picture they can write “Happy Father’s Day” or an original greeting of their choice. They also can feature pictures and messages on the back of the card. Older computer savvy kids may wish to print pictures from the internet for the card, like Dad’s favorite baseball team, vacation spot, singer, etc.

Finally add some enhancements to decorate the left edge (or all around) the front of the card to frame the picture. Just add some glue and add the Enhancement that best ties in with the card  theme. Here are just a few ideas for enhancements:

  • Sparkles
  • Sea shells (great for beach theme)
  • a piece of rope (The child can draw an anchor at the end if  it is a boat loving dad!)
  • a nice twig (If dad is a hiker this makes  a nice rustic, nature theme card)
  • colorful themed stickers (found in stationary or party isle of most stores)
  • golf tees (for golf loving dad)
  • nails (for handyman dad)

Last of all plan the perfect time for the presentation of the final work of art. Maybe right before Father’s Day breakfast or brunch! It’s nice to do it at the start of Dad’s Day! 

We would love to hear some of the themes your kids came up with for their hand made Father’s Day cards! Please enter your comments. Also, If  you need help or suggestions with custom designed Father’s Day gift baskets feel free to give us a call any time at 858-578-2740.