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The decadent & delicious Ch'up Cake

Cup cakes have been extremely popular the last couple of years. We have seen cup cake stands opening in malls and cupcake shops popping up all over town. I love cupcakes when the cake is moist and the frosting is delicious.  However, I have to tell you, I discovered a new type of cupcake at the Fancy Food Show last week that stole my heart! It is called a Ch’up Cake.

It actually is not cake at all. It is made from Belgian chocolate and other delicious ingredients (depending on the flavor). It looks like a cup cake, is about the same size as a cupcake, and in my opinion, is more delicious and decadent than a cupcake. They come in a cup cake liner and each one is gift boxed. My favorite flavors were S’Mores and Cookies & Creme.

At The Best To You, we pride ourselves in providing gifts and gourmet delights that are anything but ordinary! The Ch’up Cake meets our criteria and is unique and absolutely delicious!

We will be sharing lots more Fancy Food Findings and also information on trends and unique gifts that we found at California Gift Show.