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A unique double pitcher to make perfect, gourmet ice tea.

A unique double pitcher to make perfect, gourmet ice tea.

We are featuring some great new products to help you stay cool, quench your thirst in a very delicious way, enjoy the beach at the spur of the moment, and to have an ice cream party like none other with friends and family!

It’s time to relax and cool down! Our first new gift is the Tea Over Ice Gift Set by Tea Forte. It comes with an assortment of delicious ice tea brewing bags. The sampler ice tea flavors include: Blood Orange, Mango Peach, Ginger Pear, Rasberry Nectar, and Ceylon Gold.

Tea Forte has transformed a cool glass of iced tea into an elegant and entertaining event! The heat resistant and beautifully designed “Steep and Chill” pitcher set has a lidded upper pitcher to steep the tea, and then you pour the fresh brewed tea over the ice in the bottom pitcher for immediate service.

The Tea Over Ice gift set, which includes the two pitchers and the ice tea samplers, comes in a beautiful gift box! We can also upgrade the gift by adding some nice goodies to enjoy with the tea. Assorted cookies and confections can be stacked on top of the gift box to create a tall and elegant tower. It is topped off with a big hand made bow!

Another new gift item is the Ice Cream Parlor Mixing Set. This changes serving ice cream to family and friends in to an event! The set includes:

Mix Up your own ice cream masterpieces!

Mix Up your own ice cream masterpieces!

A bamboo base – Holds the marble slab and ceramic dishes in place while creating ice cream masterpieces

Marble slab -can be frozen ahead of time to keep the ice cream cold

Two mixing paddles – To mix other delicious toppings and confections in to the ice cream

Three ceramic dishes – To hold an endless choice of delicious goodies to be mixed in to the ice cream. Some popular choices are: crushed Oreos, nuts, strawberries and other fruits, ice cream toppings, mini m&m’s and much more!

Create a custom creation for each person, or let them create their own! Let them name their creation!

This gift comes nicely gift boxed. The deluxe version can include some ice cream toppings, such as caramel and fudge sauce, Oreo cookies to crush up, slivered almonds and more. All they will need to do is pick up some ice cream!



There are times, when you need a break from everything, and it is absolutely gorgeous outside! The next new gift is a sleek and functional beach bag that includes a nice beach mat! Just keep it

A Sleek and Functional Beach Bag with Beach Mat.

A Sleek and Functional Beach Bag with Beach Mat.

handy at home or in the car! Keep your sun tan lotion inside.

Then when you feel like a few hours at the beach, looking at sea gulls, smelling the ocean air, getting some sunshine, and relaxing, would do you a world of good, just grab your beach bag and mat, throw in a cold water and some snacks, and head to the beach!

For a deluxe version, we can add some snacks and treats perfect for an impromptu picnic!

This item also makes a great corporate gift and can be branded with your logo and company name!


For more information on these new gift items, or to place an order, please give us a call at 858-578-2740.