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 Little Things  Make A Big Difference!

I just watched a great little inspirational movie from Simple Truths. It’s about a special employee who came up with a simple and unique idea to create a memorable experience for every customer he had. I’ll include the link to this movie in the last paragraph. The movie made me think of all the special client appreciation gift ideas that we have helped companies create for their own customers. Many have become traditions that their clients now look forward to. All are strategic programs to build relationships with clients, stimulate referrals and stay above the competition using unique gifts, promotional products or custom gift baskets.

Many companies have set themselves apart from their competition by creating little traditions that make a big difference.  Sometimes it’s the little things that create a memorable experience for the customers and keep them coming back.

A Fresh Warm Welcome

At the Doubletree Hotel in Mission Valley, they bake their famous chocolate chip oatmeal nut cookies every two hours. They use top quality ingredients and the cookies are always warm from the oven and delicious. The guests get some of these fresh baked cookies when they check in  and when the beds are turned down. If you arrive at the hotel weary from your travels and hungry, and you are handed some satisfying and delicious, warm from the oven cookies, this nice little gesture can mean a lot.

A Celebration Experience To Remember

When you make a reservation at Azul Steak House in La Jolla, they always ask what the occasion is or if there is anything you are celebrating. When you arrive at your table you will find a custom made greeting card congratulating the birthday person, the anniversary couple,  or the whole gang having a dinner celebration. Whatever the occasion, the restaurant manager personally stops by the table sometime during dinner, and a surprise, complimentary desert is served at the end of the meal. Azul management and staff make each occasion celebrated at their restaurant a really big deal throughout the evening. It has become THE place to go to celebrate a special occasion!

Turning A Lemon into Lemonade

When you have a fender bender or worse and need body work done on your car, that can be such a pain! Hawley Auto Body in Point Loma, not only does the best body work in town (and wins awards for it) they also go the extra mile to please their clients. They will even drop you off at the airport, fix your car while you are out of town, and then pick you up at the airport when you return.

Creating A Memorable Experience

At The Best To You, our goal with each gift, is to deliver a memorable experience. It is the little things we do that set us apart. The elegant presentation with our signature look.  The fancy hand made bows. The clever and fun themes. The carefully chosen selection for each custom designed gift. The unique gift items and delicious confections. It is especially the way we take the information you give us and work it into a masterpiece perfect for each of your recipients. The comment we frequently hear is “It’s too gorgeous to open, too decadent not to! With twenty five years experience in corporate gift giving, we can help you come up with some new ideas to WOW your clients and set yourself apart from the competition. Give us a call at 858-578-2740. Consider us a member of your marketing team!

 A Little Inspirational Movie To Share With Your Employees: Click here or copy and paste in your browser: