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Many companies have an automated program in place to make sure every new client they obtain is immediately celebrated and thanked. There is usually an assistant who is in charge of collecting the information from the salespeople on a weekly basis, and making sure  welcome gifts are sent out with a note of appreciation and the salesperson’s business card in each one.


The welcome gift starts a relationship with your client, and can take you from being just a forgotton name on a list, to being considered a member of the team. It is said that when you have a strong relationship with your client, you have no competition! 


For a sophisticated company, you could do an elegant gift baskets with an upscale gourmet assortment such as fine hand made chocolates, salmon fillet, cookies, cheese crackers, pretzels and more for  the entire company to share. . An over sized Latte mug with your logo, that is filled with coffee and desserts is a nice gift for the owner of a smaller business. For a client in the Health and Wellness industry, a nice basket of fresh fruit, nuts and healthy snacks would be a great choice. A gift basket with freshly baked cookies and a few mugs (with your logo on them) along with coffee and tea is a popular welcome gift.

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