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The Garden Basket

The Garden Basket

Once you have chosen a theme, a unique  container,  and the perfect ingredients to be elegantly presented, the next step is creating a masterpiece.  Each item should be strategically placed in the basket or container. Decorative colored sizzle can be added between the products. Silk leaves or flowers can be added. The gift can be cello wrapped or shrink wrapped. It can be topped off with a beautiful hand made bow or decorative floral accent.

The presentation is very important. Keep in mind the goal of your gift. You want your gift to create A Memorable Experience!

A  gorgeous, custom gift basket delivered to a friend or relative who is alone for the Holiday,  can change what may have felt  like a difficult, sad and very lonely time to one that feels full of  warmth, surprise, comfort, excitement and love.  An unexpected knock at the door, an elegantly presented gift that brightens the day, A message that says “you are loved and missed!” Favorite goodies, a humorous book to deliver daily smiles, and Holiday goodies to enjoy. Could that lift spirits and deliver joy? Will it be remembered?

Imagine if you had been working hard and had a rough week when you answer a knock at the door. There, before your eyes is a Pamper Yourself basket from your office. You light the scented candle, put on the multi-sensory guided meditation CD, make yourself a cup of the delicious caramel peach herbal tea, and fill the tub with the aromatic foaming bubble bath. The experience has just begun! You still have all the wonderful hand and body creams to smooth on, a soft plush robe to slip into and a melt in your mouth chocolate truffle to devour! Are you ever going to forget this experience? No!

Let’s say your Mom mentioned that she wants to find more time to spend in the garden. Imagine her delight when she receives a Garden Caddy overflowing with gardening tools, a watering can, flower seeds, pretty gardening gloves and assorted gifts that will make her gardening hobby even more pleasurable each time. She loves to garden and you have just created a wonderful gardening experience for her to enjoy daily if she chooses. This is why we love what we do! It is about spreading good will, lifting spirits and creating memorable experiences! For more information visit The Best ToYou.

The gift can  deliver comfort, cheer, celebration, appreciation and love! The experience of  receiving a beautiful  gift, opening all the surprises in the gift, realizing the gift was custom designed especially for you, and using and experiencing all the goodies inside creates lasting memories!