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This is step three of five steps to creating an elegant Easter basket. 

Once you have chosen the theme of your gift basket and the type of basket or container you will use, it is time to think about the perfect items to go in your gift basket. The goal is to create a memorable experience (next blog) for your recipient. You will want to choose a nice assortment of items that match the theme and fit well together.

For instance, with the Spring Gardener theme, you can take a gardening tote and add:

  • an assortment of gardening tools,
  • flower seeds,
  • gardening gloves,
  • a watering can
  • and some cookies or chocolates in a floral gift box.

If  the theme is Health Nut,  the gift could be arranged in a nice metal fruit bowl and include:

  •  a nice array of fresh fruit,
  • raw mixed nuts,
  • whole grain crackers,
  • smoked salmon 
  •  herbal tea, 
  • and delicious, healthy energy bars   

A Spa theme could be designed in a nice hamper or bath display basket and include:

  •  bubble bath,
  • hand lotion,
  • bath gel,
  • body cream,
  • a guided meditation CD,
  • a beautiful candle 
  •  a plush robe 

an Easter hostess gift might include a combination of nice gifts for the home. A nice photo album and matching address book tied together with a pretty bow is one choice. A beautiful candle packaged together with a box of fine chocolates makes an elegant hostess gift. Another choice would be a basket filled with either appetizer items (cheese, crackers, olive tapenade, dip mix, savory nuts) or dessert items (assorted cookies and chocolate truffles) that could be put out for all the guests to share.

The gourmet products should be fresh, delicious fancy foods and preferably not found in the grocery store. The gifts should tie in with the over all theme. Everything should fit together to create the experience. For more information visit The Best To You.