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In the last post we talked about choosing a unique container for your Easter basket. This is step two, choosing the theme of the gift. 

While any Holiday can be used as the theme for  a gift, giving the gift basket a theme that matches the interests or hobbies of the recipient makes the gift even more fun and unique.

If you are giving the gift to your Mom who loves gardening, you could do a Spring Gardener themed  Easter gift basket.

If your best friend loves to take bubble baths, you could do a Pamper Yourself theme. Other themes, all of which can be decorated for Spring or Easter, include:

  • The Health Nut,
  • Chocoholic,
  • Coffee Lover,
  • Family Fun,
  • Sunday Picnic,
  • Office Party,
  • Hostess with the mostest,
  • Pet Lovers,
  • Movie Night

These are just a few theme ideas. The possibilities are endless. The theme shows the recipient that a lot of thought went into their gift and that it was made with them in mind.

once you have the theme, it is time to decide on the ingredients for your special gift. The ingredients (next blog) should all match the theme of the gift. For more information visit The Best To You.