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Elegant Spa Basket
Elegant Spa Basket

What makes certain gifts more special and memorable than others? The gifts that create an experience are the most memorable. 

Imagine that you hear a knock at the door and are surprised with a gorgeous gift basket full of luxurious bath products, chocolates, a candle, bath pillow, caramel peach tea, sparkling cider & more. Other items can be added like a plush robe, relaxing CD or a pretty tea cup to go with the tea.
You light the scented candle by the bathtub and get yourself a soothing cup of the delicious caramel peach tea.  You put on the relaxing CD.  Soon the tub is filled with luxurious bubbles, the fragrance from the candle fills the air,
the music begins to sooth and  you start to feel every muscle in your body relax as you sink in to the warm tub. Ahhhh! What treasured time! Pure luxury and relaxation. An escape from the hustle bustle of life. A time to release any stress.
This is followed by skin softening hand cream and body cream, perhaps a soft, plush robe to slip into and some rich, delicious, hand made chocolate truffles to enjoy as you lounge, completely relaxed on the couch.
The spa basket makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday or just because. It also can be a great housewarming gift or wedding gift with a set of his and hers robes.
What other types of gifts have created a memorable experience for you?