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Healthy-BasketOf  thousands of gift basket companies across the U.S., The Best To You was chosen to have a healthy gourmet basket featured in the national magazine for the industry. We were contacted recently by Debbie Quintana, the publisher of Trends and Tips Magazine, to design one of our beautiful Healthy Gourmet baskets to be featured in an article about healthy snacks and gourmet items.

Are there gourmet items that are healthy, beautifully packaged and taste really great? The answer is a resounding yes!

  • First of all, there are many dark chocolates (full of anti-oxidents) that are beautifully packaged and especially delicious! Other suggestions include:
  • Apple Butter from the apple orchards in Julian and whole grain crackers makes a delicious breakfast addition or snack.
  • Just Vegies and Just Strawberries are fresh fruits and vegetables that are all natural, freeze dried, fullof nutrients and have the texture of popcorn. You have to try them to understand the sweet flavor and addicting crunch! Sneak them in the movie theatre and you won’t even miss the popcorn filled with artificial butter!
  • Salmon fillet comes in an elegant package and is a healthful and delicious appetizer or snack spread on whole grain crackers or can turn an average salad into a very special gourmet lunch.
  • Almondina Biscuits are low calorie, healthy cookies made mostly with almonds. They come in different flavors including chocolate. I always have some with me when I go to Starbucks for coffee. They are delicious and satisfying. I love the sesame and the chocolate!
  • Dried apricots, mixed nuts and organic fruit and nut mix  all make great munchy snacks at the office and will help you pass on the not so healthy snacks being passed around.Vanilla Creme Spice Organic Tea is delicious and a great way to unwind. Indulge in that instead of the late night snack!
  • Last but not least, of course is fresh seasonal fruit. Mangos, Kiwis, pears, bananas, oranges, apples and fresh pineapple to name a few. The Jazz apples in season at the store now are so sweet, crisp and juicy! Fresh blueberries. rasberries, blackberries and strawberries make an elegant and healthy desert in a wine glass topped with cool whip and a sprig of mint leaf. Most everyone loves fruit and few of us eat enough, we just don’t always have it around us! That is why fruit baskets are so popular, and no one does them better than The Best To You!

Do you have any healthy snack suggestions to share?