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I have been thinking how lucky Barry and I are to have so many good friends! They lift our spirits and make us laugh. They listen, inspire and encourage. During life challenges they are by our side or asking how they can help. They have helped us expand our business and celebrate each success. What would we do without these special people in our lives?

Sunday, August 2, is National Friendship Day. But every day  is a good day to acknowledge and celebrate our friends. In today’s hectic world we may not get to see our friends as often as we would like. There is work, often overtime, family responsibilities, Household chores, errands and much more. Before you know it months may have flown by and you haven’t gotton together with some of your best friends. There are health benefits to a visit with a friend or even chatting on the phone. In fact research has shown that people with strong social support systems have stronger imune systems! It is well worth the extra effort to work more time with friends in to our weekly routines!

A friend can:

  • Help you to more easily deal with stress.
  • Laugh and find humor in life. (Laughter has many health benefits!)
  • Help you to relax.
  • Rid you of negative emotions.
  • Lift your spirits and lower your blood pressure
  • Make you feel cared for and supported.
  • Help you to enjoy the present moment.
  • Inspire you to achieve your goals
  • Support you in your business endeavors

There are also those old friends that we have lost contact with. Perhaps they moved, changed jobs,  got divorced or for whatever reason you lost touch. Take a moment and look for them today. You can search on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Most likely they have been thinking of you as well and hearing from you would really make their day!

For the current friends, why not get out your calendar right now and schedule some regular friend time  over the next several months to do  the folowing:

  • Schedule ten or fifteen minutes per day to call one friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile and catch up. (Make a list) You can schedule the call during your morning coffee, lunch time, afternoon break or in the evening.
  • Call your best friends today and tell them Happy Friendship Day! Tell them what they mean to you.
  • Send an unexpected card to a friend at least a couple times per month.
  • Invite a friend over for dinner or to meet at a restaurant.
  • Invite a friend to meet for coffee before work or for lunch.
  • Plan a picnic or fun outing with a friend.
  • Catch a movie with a friend
  • Go walking or jogging
  • Attend one of the free summer concerts in the park together.

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